Integrating technology into a classroom may be a scary task to some – especially teachers who have served a long time in the education system. Traditional teaching methods are by no means wrong, however there are many new methods and tools readily available to assist teachers in the classroom. IWB’s are an excellent tool at achieving just this, where their addition to the classroom can prove beneficial to both student and teacher. I have always benefited most in the classroom through visual activities – I can confidently say I am a ‘visual learner’. The IWB compliments learners like myself as colour, graphics, pictures, graphs, mind maps and so much more can be easily integrated into a lesson. Kinesthetic learners are too provided for with the use of videos, animations, touch to move activities, and audio. IWB’s promote interaction, which keeps students attentive and engaged with the lesson, as Kent (2007) agrees “the IWB has increased participation… boys like to use the IWB, and they pay more attention in class because they want to see how it works”. This system eliminates the boring ‘board and a piece of chalk’, and allows students to become active in the classroom environment, similarly to many other ICT (Information and Communication Technology) current trends.

Integrating technology into a classroom may be a

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